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VCRware 3.4.1 is available for only $650.

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Version 1 & 2 Users: Upgrade to VCRware 3.4.1 for only $180.
Users of older 3.x versions can upgrade to version 3.4.1 for free. Please contact technical support.

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Per gli utenti italiani (For Italian Users)
Fotogrammetria Piana - Acquista la versione italiana del modulo per €100.
(Planar Photogrammetry - Purchase the Italian version of the module for €100.)

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VCRware 3.4.1 is available to academic institutions at half price ($325 per installation) and an upgrade price of $90 per installation. Interested customers should contact Brach Engineering directly at to arrange academic purchases.

We use PayPal™ for secure ordering. Once your order is received, we will contact you about delivering the installer.

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Dear VCRware User:

With the release of VCRware 3.4.1, Brach Engineering continues looking towards continued improvement of VCRware. We pride ourselves on striving to deliver a product that satisfies our customer's needs that is also affordable. As a current user of VCRware Version 1 or 2, we welcome your feedback in this continuous improvement process as we develop the next version of VCRware. We ask you to complete this brief four-question survey regrading your current use of our software.

  1. I use VCRware applications in _____ of my accident reconstruction projects that require use of a computer.

  2. Do you find the book Vehicle Accident Analysis and Reconstruction Methods (by Ray Brach and Matt Brach) useful when using VCRware?

  3. The characteristics you like most about VCRware Version 1 or 2 are (check all that apply):

  4. Comment Section - Please provide any comments about our software. For example, we are interested in knowing:

    • What improvements would you most like to see in VCRware?
    • What capabilities would you like to see added to VCRware?
    • Do you use other accident reconstruction software (which ones)?
    • Are these other accident reconstruction software programs used in combination with, or exclusive of, VCRware in your projects?

Thank you for your input. We value your continued business and will use this information as consideration for the improvement of VCRware.

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